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This parking agreement allows the Registered parker to park one (1) registered vehicle in the assigned/designated area. Parking payment is due and payable on the 1st day of the month to ELITE PARKING SERVES. If the monthly parking payment has not been received as required, ELITE PARKING SERVICES will terminate monthly parking privileges until payment is paid in full. Parking is NON-TRANSFERABLE and ONLY valid for use by the registered parker. NO replacement cards or hang tags will be accommodated and therefore the Licensee/Registered parker will be liable to pay a replacement fee for any lost/stolen/damaged access card in the amount of $15 / $50 for hang tags. This fee must be paid in full before a replacement can be issued and is subject to change. Your vehicle must be parked in the assigned or designated area and locked. DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicle. Pali Momi Medical Center, Hawaii Pacific Health, Elite Parking Services and Affiliated management and staff are not responsible for any damage due to but not limited to fire, flood, theft, collision, loss of vehicle, and/or articles left inside of the vehicle. All such risk is assumed by the owner/operator of the vehicle.

Any violations or abuse of this parking agreement and your parking privilege will result in parking citations, towing of vehicle at the registered parkers expense and/or the revocation of parking privileges. Further incidents could lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

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