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Aloha and welcome! Please select an option below to take care of any of your parking needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at atm@eliteparking.net or 808-544-1458.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changing?

  • State of the art TIBA automated parking equipment will be replacing the existing equipment
  • New features provided by the equipment allow for a smoother process for entry and exit

What’s new with the TIBA system?

  • The new TIBA system uses LPR (License Plate Recognition) to match tenant /monthly parkers and customers pulling a ticket to their license plates
  • For tenants/monthly parkers, this means you shouldn’t have to scan your card key to enter or exit
  • For customers, the license plate will be printed on their ticket, and will act as a virtual ticket number, allowing them to pay at the pay station, and exit without inserting their ticket

Do I need a front license plate?

  • Yes

What if I don’t have a front license  plate or it is currently damaged?

  • The TIBA system will be reading the front license plate of all vehicles
  • For tenants/monthly parkers, you will need to use your card key for entry and exit
  • For customers, they will need to pay at the pay station on the 2nd floor and insert their paid ticket into the exit machine when they are leaving

I have the “new” specialty plates will the camera read my license plate?

  • Due to the full background picture, and the actual license plate numbers on these plates being white, it is likely that the system will not read them

Will there be any construction or lane closures during the install?

  • There will be vendors on site, which will be doing work to get the parking system installed and setup
  • Their impact will be minimal to all entry and exit traffic
  • We do not anticipate any lane closures or detours at this time

When will we start using the new TIBA automated parking equipment?

  • The new system will be operational on August 1, 2019

How will the new equipment affect customer parking?

  • Customers will pull a ticket at the entry machine upon arrival
  • If the tenant validates, the barcode validation sticker will be placed onto the ticket where it is noted
  • Customer will then pay at the pay station and exit normally

What is the grace period?

  • 15 minutes
  • The grace period is the amount of time you have to exit the garage without being charged upon first entry
  • This amount of time is not banked for the entire parking stay

What is an exit period?

  • An exit period is the amount of time a customer has, to exit the parking facility after paying at the pay station

Where should our customers pay for their parking ticket?

  • The preferred payment location is at one of the pay stations on property
  • Customers who pay at this pay station will not have to pay upon exit, speeding up the process for everyone
  • Also, if LPR registered the customers license plate upon entry, the customer will not even have to insert their ticket, the gate will just open, as the system know the license plate has paid.

Where are the pay stations located?

  • There are 3 pay stations on property
  • 2 are located at the main walkway of the marketplace, between Barnes and Nobles and Old Spaghetti Factory
  • 1 is located at Pier 5&6 near the entrance to the lot

What forms of payment will be accepted?

  • Pay Station and Exit Station at Pier 5&6 = CREDIT CARD ONLY
  • IP Pay Stations = CASH & CREDIT CARD
  • IP Exit Station = CREDIT CARD ONLY 

How will the new equipment affect tenant/monthly parking?

  • The new TIBA system utilizes LPR (License Plate Recognition) to match your license plates to your parking account in the system
  • When you enter or exit the parking garage, your license plate will be read, and the gate will open, without the need to scan your card key
  • Card keys will still be issued, and used as a backup, should the system have difficulty reading your license plate

What if my license plate doesn’t read?

  • Please use your card key to enter or exit the garage
  • Also, please let the parking manager know so they can research the issue

What if I get a new car?

  • You must notify the parking manager so they they can update the system

What if I’m driving a rental?

  • If you are driving a rental for a short period of time, please let the parking manager know, but utilize your card key for entry and exit
  • If you know you will have the rental for an extended amount of time, the parking manager can temporarily input the license plate of the rental so the LPR can be used

What if I have a new car with paper plates?

  • Please notify the parking manager, and utilize your card key for entry and exit
  • When your new license plates come in, please update your information with the form above

What’s changing with the validations?

  • Validations will now be barcode stickers instead of the chasers
  • A single validation sticker is applied to the customers parking ticket
  • There will no longer be confusion of having 2 tickets

How do we know where to put the validations on the tickets?

  • Printed on the parking ticket is a “STICKER HERE” box
  • Simply place the validation sticker there.

How much do the validations cost?

  • There will be no change in validation pricing
  • This is subject to change at any time, with notice

Are there any new validation changes?

  • There will be no change in validation offerings
  • This is subject to change at any time

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